FileDiff is a fast, free, online file comparison tool. You can perform a diff on copy/pasted text, uploaded files, PDF files, website content (by providing the URL to automatically retrieve), and view the resulting comparison in a visually intuitive format.

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Visually intuitive

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The resulting diff supports advanced features that are generally not available from other online tools, such as the ability to collapse and expand groups of lines (folding) that are identical between files, scrolling in one file automatically scrolls the other file (to keep the applicable line comparisons aligned), having a permanent link of the diff to share with colleagues, being able to embed the diff result in your own website or in a forum / help site, being able to compare large files and using a secure https connection. Here’s an example diff embedded on this page:

How do I report a FileDiff bug or feature request?

Please submit all FileDiff bug reports or feature requests through our FileDiff Google+ community

CODE.TOOLS website

Linux man Pages

The CODE.TOOLS website currently hosts all Linux manual (man) pages available for software listed in the Ubuntu software manager. Search for a man page now:

Webpage Load Time

See how long it takes for a particular web page to load:

Webpage Headers

See what header code a page’s server returns (e.g., useful for tracking redirects, page response codes, etc):

DrawIt is a WordPress plugin that interfaces with the website1 to easily create beautiful diagrams, flow charts and drawings inline while you are editing a post. This powerful plugin saves the source code for your diagram and a PNG or SVG version of the image – providing crisp images that you can update without redrawing the diagram. There is also no hassle moving images back and forth between editors on your computer like typically is done without this plugin.

How do I use DrawIt?

There are multiple ways to add a diagram, use the method that is most convenient for you: through the Media Library, the visual editor or the text editor.

This plugin connects directly to the website, which is a high-quality diagram and flow chart tool with a feature set on par with other well-known diagram editors (like Microsoft Visio1), so the interface will already be intuitive. Best of all, it is free!

How do I edit a diagram?

To edit a diagram that you’ve already created, just select it (e.g., the source code in the text post editor or the image itself in the visual post editor) and then click on the DrawIt button in the editor!

How do I report a DrawIt bug or feature request?

Please submit all DrawIt bug reports or feature requests through the DrawIt support page on WordPress or through the DrawIt Google+ community

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[1] Neither this plugin nor assortedchips is affiliated with or Microsoft.